Hazelnut UMHDI Open-Pollinated Seedling - Wholesale (100 or more plants only)


For Wholesale Growers Only: Minimum 100 plants. Please contact info@superiorviewfarm.com for a Wholesale Account Application, sales tax exemption form, and to discuss pick-up/ shipping/delivery options. Please select "on account" as a payment method. Total seedlings plus shipping/delivery costs will be due upon receipt of seedlings.

ORDERS DUE MAY 15 FOR SHIPPING IN SEPTEMBER! For Zones 3-5. Since these are a midwest variety, orders are accepted from the following states only: Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois.

Plants have been grown from seed at Hauser's Superior View Farm and will be shipped as semi-dormant, bare-root seedlings in SEPTEMBER. Please ensure a prepared spot so seedlings can be planted immediately for best survival.

Planting Requirements: Full sun, well-draining soil