InnovaTree™ Poplar Variety


These trees have been grown at Hauser's Superior View Farm in collaboration with the University of Minnesota. Available as 2.5 gallon potted trees and, therefore, available for PICKUP only at Hauser's Superior View Farm. NO shipping will be available.

PLANTS WILL BE READY FOR PICK UP AUGUST 1, 2024! PLEASE NOTE: These trees are grown to order, so no cancellations will be accepted after May 1, 2024.

This poplar is a cross between native Eastern cottonwood and European black poplar, naturally cross-bred over 25 years until the star of the family emerged. Non-GMO. Will not spread.
  • Grows up to 10 feet/year, up to 75 feet
  • Grows well across climate zones
  • Cottonless 
  • Life expectancy 70 years
Growing Needs:
  • Hardiness: Zones 3-6
  • Light: Full sun
  • Soil: Grows best in well-drained loam, sandy loam, clay loam, and light clay soils with annual rainfall above 20 inches.
Plant InnovaTree For:
  • Fast landscaping
  • Shelterbelts/Windbreaks
  • Privacy screens
  • Erosion control
  • Soil pollution clean-up
  • Biomass feedstock
  • Quick carbon capture

InnovaTree is a registered trademark of the University of Minnesota and may not be used without written permission. The ‘NextGen’ variety is protected by a US patent application and is registered with the International Poplar Commission.